Let's discuss what I like to call "The Great Fall". The Great Fall, is in theory a large drop or loss in amount of companies or enterprises, specifically ones that don't have remote work available by default.

Now you're probably asking "wouldn't things like panic, and viruses cause remote work to rise", yes it would, however this also bares a tragic fate, while remote work rises, this causes socialism and communication to fall, humans are social creatures, and in result this causes downsides in terms of mental health and even in some cases, probably losing contacts along the way. This is where I coin the term "The Great Fall", due to the effects on mental health, communication, and other factors, to some people this may cause antisocial behaviour, people getting stressed out by jobs, and in return the amount of people with jobs possibly dropping, companies going extinct, and due to this economy as we know it falling to shambles.

There would be 3 "phases" to this phenomenon and I will describe them each.

Phase 1: The Panic

The panic is the first phase and the start of The Great Fall, this does not have to be due to viruses (such as the one we are currently dealing with), it can be anything that causes mass panic.

The panic would start out at an epicentre and grow to other countries and continents, due to this, fear would cause people to be constantly under tension, which in some, would cause paranoia, and feed the cycle.

Phase 2: The Climax

The second phase is where all hell breaks lose (which is where we would be in theory, now). Tension and fear has risen to a point where things are considered pandemic or apocalyptic, it is at this point companies are being forced to consider new actions to relieve the tension and hopefully pressure down everything to an extent.

Phase 3: The Fall

The third and final phase happens when phase 2 fails, when companies fail to relieve stress and fear, everyone is fearful, and the tension is high enough people start to question if they should continue working at said companies, and job positions open rapidly, companies shut down, and the economy comes to a halt.