As someone who is part of the LGBT+ community myself I have personally experienced some things that honestly shock me at some points, this ranges from being denied from a job due to a disability (which is reasonable in some cases!) to being declined due to sexual or gender orientation. The issue with both sides is allowing people to do this allows things like religious freedom, but at the same time this also enables discrimination and harassment in certain regards this type of debate or governmental orientation area also stems to fields like DevOps, SRE, among other fields.

I will say I have little room to speak about this subject. I am as of writing this post little experienced in the field of technological jobs, careers, and such, so I will only be speaking from my view point and experiences.

There is laws protecting employees from being fired from companies based on their sexual orientation among other things that are confined in the LGBT+ umbrella, this does not however protect against harassment or discrimination in the work place. While you can’t exactly prevent people from being people and harassing others, you should be able to at the minimum prevent it in workplaces. This isn’t however something that can be easily implemented especially with how society is in it’s current state.

In the open source world doing things like adding a code of conduct, or other form of guidelines can help prevent harassment or discrimination against contribution by those classified under the LGBT+ umbrella. For larger projects where things like external social media is used (Discord, Slack, etc) a good rule of thumb is to enforce equality and fairness in the workspace and chats to prevent people from not only being discriminated against, but to make sure everyone is comfortable to be in the workspace as a whole.

I am aware that not everyone is comfortable being around or working with people that are classified under the umbrella term, but however this does not, and never will mean that they should be allowed to openly discriminate against, or harass another user for the reasons of their sexual or gender orientation, or overall identity.

This is a very heated subject and overall it’s an extremely politically and morally charged debate. These are only my views on it and what I think should be done to more push the rights, equality, and fairness in workplaces in the world of development.