RiotJS vs Svelte

In one of my previous articles talking about how I thought svelte was revolutionary in what it does, someone brought up the library RiotJS, so I decided to give it a try. In this article I will be going on the key differences I noticed, in terms of syntax, component structure, and some functionality differences that stood out to me when using it. Maturity One thing I noticed straight from the beginning is Riot felt a lot more mature and full featured, while they are similar in terms of a lot of things, such as trying to drive the “zero dependency” package scheme, and mainly only having developer dependencies, Riot definitely seemed to have a lot more functionality and power compared to Svelte....

October 5, 2020 · 4 min · Hanna Rose

Why Svelte Is Revolutionary

Recently I’ve been trying multiple different JavaScript frameworks, ranging from React to Angular. But the one which has stood out the most to me and has truly made me fall in love with it recently is svelte. Svelte is a lot different than a lot of frameworks, and to me the things svelte is capable of is amazing. Bundle Size One of my biggest concerns is the fact that most (if not all) the popular frameworks have a large to extra large bundle size....

September 30, 2020 · 5 min · Hanna Rose

Goodbye Nginx, Hello Caddy

So recently I switched my personal website away from Nginx to Caddy. I’ve been planning this for quite a while as I wanted to give it a try, as I’ve heard a lot about it and it’s perks. So in this post I’m going to go over my journey and setup, the downs and ups I’ve had thus far, and what my jurisdiction is on it. Obtaining the web server The first thing in any web server journey is installing and setting up the web server software itself....

September 30, 2020 · 3 min · Hanna Rose